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About Dog Collars - JoeyThe Dogma London dog collar company literally began as, "a walk in the park"... the dog park, that is!
When company founder KB began crafting handmade dog collars for her newly adopted greyhound, fellow owners at the dog park took notice. After the hundredth person asked her "where the heck she got that awesome dog collar", she realized she might have a new business on her hands. Now over six years later, Dogma London has become one of the most popular sources on the internet for funky, fun, handmade dog collars in an incredible array of sizes and colors.
In 2010, Dogma London was taken over by KB's friend and fellow dog lover, Gaye Lynn Curlee of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gaye Lynn is using her creative spirit, passion for animals, and business expertise to take Dogma London to the next level.

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About Dog Collars - KB Hey everybody!
My name is Gaye Lynn, "GL" for short, and I'm a dog lover from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
When Dogma London Collars first caught my eye in the fall of 2010, I knew I had to become a part of such a unique and fun experience.
When founder KB asked me to take over Dogma London, I knew it was the right opportunity for me. Creativity is my specialty, and I'm looking forward to channeling my passion into dog fashion.
Thank you for shopping at Dogma London, and if you have any unanswered questions, please email me.

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About Dog Collars - KB Hey everybody!
My name is Karen Bell, "KB" for short, and I'm the gal who came up with the idea for this website - a unique place on the internet that provides fun, funky, handmade dog collars for pups in all shapes and sizes.
Dogma London provides one of a kind dog collars for one of a kind dogs, and
I am truly thankful for you - the customer, because without you Dogma London would not be in business. Making dog collars for a living has enabled me to lead a truly fun and joyful life... and that's what it's all about! Thank you for shopping at Dogma London.

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About Dog Collars - Tattoo Martingale CollarWhen you purchase a handmade dog collar from Dogma London, you can rest assured that you will receive a high quality product. Every Dogma London dog collar is meticulously made by hand, using only high quality materials. All Dogma London dog collars are satin lined* to comfort dogs with sensitive necks, or to just pamper your pup with a little bit of luxury. Each dog collar is also made using durable webbing and welded hardware, to ensure safety as well as style.

*All dog collars are satin lined, except for the line of grosgrain ribbon dog collars.

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About Dog Collars - Whippet ScoobyScooby was adopted in March 2005 from Whippet Rescue Canada. Because of his crazy antics, he is often called "nutjob" for short. Scooby enjoys spinning in circles, walking in a zigzag fashion, chasing birds, and unfortunately for the tooth-brusher of the household, eating poop.


About Dog Collars - Greyhound Monty Monty is the newest member of the pack, adopted May 2009 from GRA Canada. We're still getting used to his violent tail thrashing, which can clear a coffee table faster than you can say "David Copperfield".
Monty enjoys sleeping in, napping, and getting a good night's rest. When awake, Monty enjoys provoking Scooby.


About Dog Collars - Greyhound ClandroClandro, our very first greyhound, was the original inspiration behind Dogma London and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Clandro passed away in February 2009, but is remembered fondly by hundreds of people due to his starring role in the "Adventures of Clandro" video series.
We miss you Clandro.

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Dogma London handmade dog collars were recently featured in "Dogs in Canada" magazine.

About Dog Collars - Dogs In Canada Magazine